College Students make demands for the next president.

Brooklyn College: Students   en-route to their final destination.  Tiffany Thomas- 8/31/16

Making their request known to the next president of the US, college students on Wednesday, at Brooklyn College, are concerned about job opportunities post-graduation and lowered tuition.

Abdel Awah,17, a Brooklyn College student, hopes that “the next president comes up with an effective plan to reduce student loans and to improve education overall.”

Funding education has always been a huge factor in presidential campaigns which always seem to lure the support of young voters. As for Awah, he suggests that the upcoming president should eradicate military spending and “fund schools, hire better educators and create better learning facilities.”

Echoing Awah’s plans for making life better in the city is Samantha Wilson, a 27-year-old student. She wants the next president to “make education accessible to all and create affordable living for New Yorkers.”

Jeannine Agard, a political science student at York College shares the same sentiments for decrease in tuition. She claims, “it will be great to make it available for those who want higher education.”

She expressed fear of obtaining a bachelor’s degree that would not be sufficient in finding a job post undergrad. “Creating more jobs for college graduates would be a great start for the next president,” Agard says.

Quinn Gallmol,23, an economics student at Brooklyn College, believes that, “education should not be a luxury but a necessity.” Instead of granting education only to legal residents, she believes that it should be accessible to “illegal immigrants to obtain the American Dream.”

Not only should accessibility to education be improved, but the middle class should be taken into consideration. “People should not be killing themselves to make ends meet,” Gallmol says.



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