A day spent in Nairobi, Kenya.

Children frolicking and dancing as worshippers sang in Matari, Nairobi. Despite of their poor surroundings, they find solace in God. -Tiffany Thomas


After recieving medical attention, children waited patiently for their treats.-Tiffany Thomas
A young lady lady shows a glimmer of hope after obtaining clothing and shoes.                           -Tiffany Thomas


What might seem distressful is the norm for Kenyan children in the ghetto. In Matari, children like this child are accustomed to wearing mix-match shoes. Sometimes they are barefooted. Nonetheless, boys have no choice but to wear girl clothing because that’s all they have. -Tiffany Thomas
After witnessing various pictures taken during a medical camp in Matari, an area that is said to be riveted by poverty, the children were fascinated by the camera and how cool it is to see themselves. Some of them were seeing and touching a camera for the first time.                        -Tiffany Thomas
Without an option to choose a meal, this little boy’s only choice is to seek food amidst garbage. -Tiffany Thomas
The government doesn’t have a proper sanitation program so garbage is discarded carelessly. These children must traffic on garbage to get from point a to point b.                         -Tiffany Thomas
After awaiting medical attention, children along with their parents wait in line to receive gifts which includes hygienic items, clothing and shoes. All from donations, here in the US. -Tiffany Thomas
A mother who traveled from Matari to Baba Dogo, Nairobi, to seek medical attention claiming, “I need glasses, I can’t see.”                                                                                                             -Tiffany Thomas


This little angel bleeds contentment after finding a pair of shoe that fits her perfectly. She tried on several pair but this was the perfect fit.                                                                                         -Tiffany Thomas



“Smile for the camera!” And she did just that, after modeling her outfit. Meet Tiffany, an African Princess.                                                                                                                                                      -Tiffany Thomas
Day-to-day life in Baba Dogo. During the day, some young men from Baba Dogo, Kenya, gather on this dusty field to play football a.k.a. Soccer.                                                              -Tiffany Thomas
Another model in the making. This is what Beyonce means when she says, ‘Slay.’            Tiffany Thomas
Kids frolicking in the dirt that seem to leave its trace everywhere. -Tiffany Thomas
Praise and Worship on the grounds of Baba Dogo. After receiving free medical attention and clothing, the host church, ‘Abundant Life,’ along with volunteers and members of the community gather together for a time of worship and fun.                                                                   -Tiffany Thomas
“I see my future, and it looks great.” -Tiffany Thomas
“God’s Chosen.” -Tiffany Thomas
Children awaiting their seats in Guitarai, at Abundant life church during Vacation Bible School. It’s a daily teaching session that informs children and teenagers of the importance of being  a christian, a program that last for a week. -Tiffany Thomas
‘Hope.’ After hearing that their friends are receiving gifts and learning about the power of salvation, these young ladies decided to join the program on the last day just to receive a gift.    
-Tiffany Thomas

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